Get more done – an update on documentation

We're pretty busy here at YDN so we understand the need to get stuff done. That's why we've been putting some extra effort into our Yahoo! Open Strategy documentation -- to help you get more done. Since we launched Y!OS, there's been an incredible wealth of information to digest.

We've just released a new batch of documentation starting with a Y!OS docs landing page, to make it easier to find the information you need. We've split the page into 2 easy sections. The first section includes the stuff to quickly get started: overviews of the terminology, tutorials, examples, and other quick-start guides. Don't worry though, the second section contains an index of all technology references you'll want to use day to day.

We released a number of new Y!OS tutorials, Y!OS code examples, and a Y!OS FAQ. The tutorials cover everything from getting start with your first application to accessing data using YQL. These all come with ready-to-use code. Tutorials are complemented by code examples to provide real world cut-and-paste snippets you can use right away in your existing projects.

We'll be adding more tutorials, examples, and question throughout 2009 and we'd love to hear your feedback. So if you have the best code snippet since AJAX was invented, or there's something you'd love to see a tutorial for, please let us know.

Tom Hughes-Croucher
Yahoo! Developer Network