We Monkeyed with hCard

Just a quick note for everyone that is using any extracted hCard. The way we store hCard changed. This was done to more faithful to the vcard-in-rdf specification and also adds support for vcard:adr and organization name.

Old com.yahoo.uf.hcard/rel:Card/vcard:url
New com.yahoo.uf.hcard/rel:Card/@resource
Old com.yahoo.uf.hcard/rel:Card/rel:Photo/@resource
Old com.yahoo.uf.hcard/rel:Card/vcard:photo
New com.yahoo.uf.hcard/rel:Card/vcard:photo/@resource

We are going to have about 10 minutes of downtime tonight (around 10pm PST) while we do a string replace on the database for those fields. If you were doing any fancy things that wouldn't be caught by a simple string replace from OLD to NEW, then please update your code accordingly (and republish to the gallery if needed).

Paul Tarjan
(|): Chief Technical Monkey :(|)