Mojito: Why did we make it Open Source?

Why did Yahoo! publish the Mojito code under a permissive open source license? Because we want to develop this code with you. The developer community is a critical part of Yahoo!’s ecosystem and we are committed to investing in the technologies that enable you to create the deeply personal digital experiences that our users want. Developers know that code is never done. There is always a next version with better features. We know you have ideas, and we want you to invest in this code with us. But we also want you to have this code freely. You are not locked in. You are simply invited to participate.

The larger story here is that Yahoo! is investing in this community, sharing our ideas and code to help many Open Source projects around Node.JS. We are excited to see Node.JS grow. We found a way to make developing in Node.JS even better by adding this MVC framework to it, and connecting it with our other Cocktails applications. We know you find this valuable, since we’ve already proven its value at huge scale and complexity.

Yahoo! has a history of contributing code to the developer community. Hadoop is a de facto standard technology for Big Data computation, and Yahoo! did the elephant’s share of work bringing this technology to the world and helping it mature. YUI, another Open Source project of ours, is a well-adopted user-interface library. And we have published many other projects related to machine learning, network management, and performance technologies. We plan to continue to publish code to the Open Source community.

We used the BSD license, which means that we give you permission to do things with the code with very few restrictions. Many Node.JS projects are MIT licensed, and the two licenses are very similar and compatible. You can create your own projects with this code, even commercially licensed projects if you wish. We hope that you’ll share your code changes with us, and make Mojito better, but you are not obligated to do so. Much like many professional Open Source projects (including Node.JS itself), we'll ask contributors to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). We use the same CLA for YUI and it is based on the well-known Apache CLA. This helps us make sure your contributions to this project are protected from copyright disputes.

We hope hobbyists and startup companies use Mojito when they build user experiences, since we expect you’ll stretch its capabilities. We hope application developers at large use Mojito and see how they can make powerful experiences that deploy to many device types. We plan to continue to innovate in this space, investing in scalability, performance, ease-of-use, and other issues that come up when you battle-test technology at internet-scale. So fork the code at Build stuff, find bugs, suggest enhancements, and keep watching this space to see what we can do together to build the next generation of cross-device, Javascript-based apps."