Mojito is a Black Duck Rookie!

We are super psyched to receive a Rookie award from Black Duck! Black Duck is the company behind the open source tracker; every year they pick 10 projects, out of the thousands they monitor, for special recognition.

This year, it’s Mojito! Black Duck got in touch with us about our nomination about a week ago, and we were super excited to hear we made it in the final list of nominees.

What does this mean? First off, it’s a nice morale boost for us, who grind daily in the JavaScript trenches. Second, it means our hard work is starting to pay off, and people, like you, like Black Duck, like the JavaScript community, are starting to pay attention, and take notice of our little minty framework.

Make no mistake: Mojito is new, Mojito breaks new ground, Mojito lets you build better apps, faster:

  • The first full-stack MVC framework -- JavaScript everywhere, client and server, with Node.js
  • An integrated framework, not a mere pile of modules to bolt together by yourself
  • Built from the start for Web and mobile (device detection built-in)
  • Open source, BSD license

You are going to be hearing a whole lot about us this year! Start today, and see for yourself what Mojito can do.

The Mojito Team (from left to right)