Mobile Design Patterns, Story telling, Mario Bros, Time, MATRIX Effect

Infinite Mario Bros, a game showcasing what you can do with HTML5 Canvas.

MATRIX falling chars effect made with javascript.

What every programmer should know about time.

What minimalism is and what it is not, an article on achieving effective minimalism in web design.

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin, story telling HTML5 style.

Play My Code is an HTML5 game development environment that lets you edit, play and share games from within your browser.

The story of Dune, recreated with Gummi worms.

Some ideas to help you write streamlined and efficient CSS styles.

DataURL lets you drop one or more files to convert them to Data URIs.

Test your mobile widgets in an emulator using the Ripple Chrome extension.

10 Twitter infographics stimulate the nerdy designer in you.

An introduction to Google+.

A good mobile UI resource for any developer looking to create mobile apps, 4ourth Mobile Design Patterns wiki.