Memcached Hackathon at Yahoo: December 13-14th 2007

There are a lot of memcached hackers and power users in the Bay Area, so we're proud to be hosting an all night hackathon in a couple weeks.

Hack and code memcached. Active developers from the community will be joining us along with fellow Yahoo's for an all-night hackathon. We are working towards shipping new features and releasing the binary protocol. Drinks and food provided!

As the Hackathon Wiki says:

Pretty simple: it's a marathon coding session. The goal is to get something done. Come armed with a pet project of your own if you like, or just with some energy and a willingness to think hard and pound out code. It has a scheduled start time, and it ends when it ends.

Register on Memcached Hackathon @ Yahoo Campus. That'll help us figure out how much pizza to have on hand. :-)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, we do use memcached on a number of popular Yahoo! services. Drop by and you might get to meet some of the engineers behind them.

Jeremy Zawodny
Yahoo! Developer Network