The Right Media at the right time

I was very pleased to see the news about Yahoo!'s agreement to acquire Right Media:

"We see this as a key step in executing our long-term vision to build the industry? leading advertising and publishing ecosystem -- both on and off Yahoo!? network.

Right Media employees, welcome to the Yahoo! family. We?e excited by your deep industry, technical, advertising and publisher knowledge, and look forward to working with a team of such high caliber and expertise."

I've been watching Right Media closely since Yahoo!'s initial investment back in October, as I became very interested in their approach to ad networks and the broad suite of openly available advertising service APIs. They have several very powerful web services including an ad campaign management tool, an insertion order web service, and a publisher management web service, just to name a few.

With all these tools available, you can imagine nearly limitless possibilities for building better advertising applications, mashups that make money and new ad-supported businesses that don't yet exist.

The Right Media folks are also big advocates and practitioners of open innovation. I've seen it first-hand, but you can also see the evidence on their blog. For example, one of the teams at their most recent Hack Day event built a plugin for WordPress allowing you to manage inventory directly from your WordPress admin panel:

"By adding this plugin to your WordPress blog (a popular, open source platform for blogging), you can quickly add ads to your blog posts. Being a member of Direct Media Exchange, you simply supply your login and password, then add ?implified?tags and they?l show on your blog in between posts. Cool!

Also included is light reporting within your WordPress ?dmin?section."

We're very excited about the potential and hope to showcase some of the interesting ways people use Right Media's technologies here on YDN. If you've already built cool tools or business apps using Right Media, please let us know.

Matt McAlister