Matt Snider’s YUI Storage utility @ YUIConf 2009

At the YUI conference last week,'s Matt Snider spoke about the client-side storage utility that he wrote for YUI 2.8.0.

Matt Snider @ YUIConf 2009

The first thing that struck me during the talk was how easy it is to use this utility. The storage utility allows web developers to store far more data on the client side than is possible through the use of cookies and it cleanly abstracts out the details of the specific storage engine used. It currently supports HTML5, Google Gears, and Flash storage engines, but is easily extensible to handle more engines in future.

The talk started out with a summary of what the storage utility is, and what problem it solved and then went into the details of how to use it. Matt covered the pros and cons of each engine type and spoke a bit about the security of data stored using the utility. The talk was fairly technical and went down well with the entirely dev audience.

Photo by Eric Miraglia

Philip Tellis
Performance Yahoo