Mashup Zimbra Using Zimlets

With the just-announced launch of Yahoo's Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 5.0, a full-featured messaging and collaboration application, it's a good time for developers to check out the Zimbra API which lets developers bring rich content into ZCS. Want to add a map to your mail? Find news headlines or search Amazon from within ZCS applications? You can create "Zimlets" to do all these and much more.

A Zimlet is a zipped bundle of content that is deployed to the ZCS server enabling the server to interact with third-party information sources as well as enhance the UI of the various ZCS applications such as the mail client. Simple Zimlets can be written entirely using special XML description files. JavaScript can be used within a Zimlet using a Zimlet base class that can be overridden to extend the ZCS Ajax client. Finally, developers can include JSP code for additional server-side functionality (the Zimlet backend has a generic proxy servlet for making calls to external services). For more details, check out the Zimlet developer's guide.

Got no money? ZCS 5.0 is available in a free, open source, community edition or take a 60-day test trial of our supported network edition. The ZCS 5.0 download includes Zimlet code for Yahoo! Flickr, Local, Search, and Finance Web Service mashups. Look in the /opt/zimbra/zimlets-extra directory for the source code.

Want to test drive ZCS asap? Try out our hosted demo version right now!

Jason Levitt