Look who’s coming to Bucharest for Open Hack Europe

Here at YDN, we're not counting down to the Royal Wedding, instead we're counting the days till Open Hack EU 2011, taking place in Bucharest, Romania, on May 14-15. This will be the 14th Open Hack event hosted by Yahoo! Developer Network since we started in 2006, and we're just as excited now as we were then.

We're expecting hundreds of developers from across Europe to join us at the Crystal Palace ballrooms for what promises to be an event of memorable awesomeness and innovative outcomes. Hack events build relationships and create serendipity for entrepreneurs, developers, and everyone involved. Over the years, we've seen hack prototypes evolve into products and apps, partnerships, funded startups, even acquisitions. Later this year, the winners of Open Hack Europe will have the chance to participate in an Open Hack All Stars event in the U.S. where they will compete with hack winners from around the world. Stay tuned, as we'll be sharing more details soon.

Yahoo!'s premier digital media offering and vast global audience of 680 million visitors worldwide, combined with our unique collection of tools, APIs and leading edge advertising technology, can unlock opportunities for developers in Europe and beyond. In Bucharest, we'll offer special enthusiast tracks led by subject matter experts in history, sports, hardware hacking, and more. We believe that access to a cornucopia of top-quality content and informative data can inspire the creation of new interactive media experiences on phones, tablets, PCs, even televisions. Tools like YQL and YUI make it easy to rapidly sculpt data and content in playful and engaging ways.

There's still time to register for Open Hack EU, but space is limited. We're planning a rich agenda of in-depth tech talks and hands-on sessions throughout the two-day event in an environment that's conducive to writing code and making new connections. Once your registration is confirmed, log on to our to our Open Hack pbwiki to sign up for the special interest tracks, share your project ideas with fellow hackers, and keep up with the latest info. Here's a preview of some of the expert hackers and presenters who'll be joining us in Bucharest and some of the tech topics they'll be covering:

YQL: Select * for Hackers
Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc)

YQL (Yahoo! Query Language) is an open tool that lets you develop rich data pipes between data sources and APIs, constructing dynamic links to control the data as if it were an SQL table.

The Community Open Data Tables initiative takes this further, allowing developers to define their own tables with a basic XML control file. Based on the premise that data should be freely available in a context where everyone can use it, open data tables make it easy to consume and mash up data from multiple sources.

This session will demonstrate the power and simplicity behind being able to read, manipulate, and use data from anywhere on the internet. Through YQL, we will explore how to use rich data sources available through the Yahoo! Developer Network, including geo, mapping and locality-based resources as well as Flickr and Mail. In addition to Yahoo! services, we will look into extracting data from raw sources such as HTML and RSS feeds and look at how any API can be a rich source data to hack on.

Introduction to YUI3
Luke Smith (@ls_n)

YUI is the BSD-licensed open source JavaScript and CSS library used by Yahoo! and thousands of other company websites, big and small. It's built around the idea that cross-browser development should be focused on understanding and solving the problem at hand rather than getting distracted with the minutiae of random browser bugs and rendering glitches.

This presentation will be a quick introduction to version 3.3.0 of the library and some of its core functions that should be most useful for building your hacks. We'll cover DOM manipulation and event subscription, animations, drag and drop, Ajax and YQL, and how to use CSS Grids for layout. (After my talk, keep your seats for Reid Burke's talk where he takes it to the server!)

Achieving Greatness with Node.js
Reid Burke (@reid)

Server-side JavaScript reaches new heights with Node.js, a young technology that allows you to create network servers, web apps, and everything in between. In this talk, you'll get up and running with Node.js for your hack. You'll learn about the JavaScript environment, the ECMAScript 5 features you can leverage, how to wield the power of async I/O, best practices, and frameworks that help you create the next big thing with ease.

Some topics include: Using WebSockets for realtime data, using YUI on Node.js, Yahoo! products made on Node.js, and a taste of the unconventional, such as using Node.js to talk to an Arduino!

Introduction to Yahoo! Search BOSS
Rahul Hampole (@yahoosearch)

Whether you're building a vertical search engine, a site search service or a social search mashup, Yahoo! Search BOSS is there to help. BOSS has been and will always be about flexibility. We give you web, image, news and spelling search results and the flexibility to fine-tune your results. Blend BOSS results with other data sources and display them in any form you want.

This session will focus on giving you, the developer, an introduction to BOSS. We'll present the technical details of BOSS authentication, making API calls, using results from BOSS, and combining BOSS with YQL. We will also provide helpful tips on hacking with BOSS.

Introduction to Yahoo! Messenger API
Vivek V Aggarwal

Yahoo! Messenger is a leading instant messaging (IM) platform, used on a wide variety of desktop and mobile clients. Our SDK offers developers a trusted platform to manage contact and group lists, presence information, real-time instant communications, and data transfer to and from clients instantly throughout the world. Get an overview of the APIs available for use, and learn about some of the enhancements we've made to support more friendly mobile integration via Direct OAuth. We will also walk through the service calls required to create a sample session.

* * *

In addition to the talks above, Yahoo! CTO Raymie Stata will be on hand for the hacking and will speak to attendees about technology and innovation at Yahoo!. JavaScript guru Douglas Crockford will educate and entertain with his unique perspective on the goodness of JavaScript.

We'll provide food, shelter, fun and games as well as plenty of wifi. Hope to see you there.