Long Live Hack

This WayHere at YDN, we are no strangers to Hack Days. Back in 2006, we pioneered the "Open Hack" event, a 2-day overnight hackathon hosted on Yahoo!'s Sunnyvale campus. Open to any and all developers and featuring a Beck performance to boot, Yahoo!'s first Open Hack was truly epic.

Today, YDN's hack program continues to be an important and special way to connect with the developer community. In 2012, we sponsored or organized 7 Hack events spanning the globe through which we were able to meet over one thousand developers. You can see the full list in our year-end review. Through each hack event, we were able to share and exchange knowledge and encourage collaborative innovation, a cornerstone of the YDN hack program.

Not only has Yahoo! continued to support hack, but we have been encouraged by the number of hack initiatives that have sprouted since we did our first Open Hack in 2006. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and just about every start-up with an API have sponsored hackathons, developer garages, Summer of Code events, and multi-day hack events to keep developers engaged and informed. And even though 2013 has barely begun, we've already heard of a few global hack programs sponsored by some respected peers.

  • Starting in January, our friends at Mozilla are sponsoring the Firefox OS App Days, a global series of 25 hack events for app developers. The first App Day kicks off in Silicon Valley this Saturday the 19th and is free and open to all developers, designers, and entrepreneurs interested in making apps for the mobile Web.
  • Also in January, for all you game developers, Global Game Jam will be happening on January 25-27 at a location near you, according to their website. Global Game Jam (GGJ) is "the world's largest game jam event. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development... condensed into a 48 hour development cycle."

So, get yourself to one of these terrific global hack events and let us know what you think. Or maybe we'll see you at one of our hackdays some time this year. Stay tuned to the blog and follow @ydn for updates on when and where our next hack event will be happening.