Let’s talk about the Web in Sydney, Australia

I've just arrived in Sydney after a largely uneventful flight from San Francisco. We got in just after sunrise, which was pretty darn cool. Wish I'd had my camera out.

I'm here for the WebDU conference which runs from Wednesday through Friday in Sydney, Australia. If you're an F2E in this part of the world, then drop by. I'll be speaking about Yahoo! Pipes and YQL on Thursday afternoon, while Neil Wilkinson, Director at Yahoo!7, delivers the keynote on Friday morning along with Alan Noble from Google and Michael Kordahi from Microsoft.

If you cannot make it to the conference, then try and drop in to our Yahoo!7 Open Session on the evening of Monday the 25th (registration free, but required). We'll discuss Web performance and scalability over drinks and pie. It's at the Yahoo!7 office at Pier 8&9 which I think is an awesome location.

Personally, I hope to learn a lot from the Sydney F2E community.

Philip Tellis
Performance Yahoo