Latest YAP updates

A developer named Jack recently asked, via the YAP Forum, whether we could share any YAP statistics and how well YAP is doing.

YAP statistics

yap-yfrontpage.jpgWe currently don't share specific or overall numbers for YAP Applications. However, every developer receives data on how his or her app is performing, including installation numbers and active users.

We can tell you that we are seeing very good growth in our install numbers overall — we saw five-fold growth in the past month alone — as

  1. Apps become more discoverable (now featured heavily on Yahoo! Pulse, Yahoo!'s central Profiles product)
  2. More apps come to the YAP platform
  3. More Apps take advantage of viral features, such as Yahoo! Updates

As you can probably guess, our daily users and number of apps are smaller than some of our well-known competitors, but we're working hard to shrink that gap Smiley emoticon

Upcoming features

We're happy to tell you about some of our near-term features. With the growth of social gaming, and our announcement of our partnership with Zynga, I'm sure it's no surprise that we are spending some of our focus on gaming.

However, most of the features we're building out benefit all types of YAP apps. These features include:

  • Enabling more viral distribution of activity from apps via app notifications
  • Enabling users to share app Updates outside of Yahoo!, to other social networks that drive usage back to YAP applications
  • Richer information to display in Updates
  • Creating channels to reengage existing users with installed apps
  • Additional canvases around Yahoo! where users can interact with apps (we recently enabled Yahoo! Pulse, and will soon enable Games and Messenger)
  • Continued support of OpenSocial and new versions that become available as standards

Paid distribution

At this time, we aren't planning on a paid distribution model. While apps can be installed for free, developers can monetize apps through virtual goods, advertising, and sponsorships, and keep the revenue they generate.

Developers are free to work with their choice of monetization provider with the restriction that third-party ad networks require Yahoo! approval.

Social features

As with all the features of YAP, the most effective developers are those that take full advantage of the platform's social features — particularly those that create viral distribution of apps and reengagement. (See our best practices for tips on how to pull this off.)

More to come

Yahoo! is absolutely committed to YAP as our primary third-party developer app platform, and we appreciate the continued support of the developer community. We'll continue to share information with the community as early as possible. In fact, you'll be hearing more from us over the coming weeks as we release YAP versions 2.3 and 2.4 this year (which include the app notifications described earlier). Stay tuned...