Konfabulator Developer Day: June 7 at Yahoo! (hurry, space is limited!)

The Konfabulator team at Yahoo! has built a vibrant developer community around their Widgets (you can find over 4,000 of them in the Widget gallery). We're big fans -- the winner of our first University Hack Day was a Widget developer (see "The Slide Rule Hack That Rules Them All") and the web service APIs and RSS feeds from Yahoo! Developer Network are perfect ingredients for building the Widget of your dreams.

The Konfabulator team is hosting a Developer Day on Thursday, June 7 -- see their blog post and the Upcoming event for all the details. This will be an intimate event with the Konfabulator team and a limited number of Widget developers (note: the only requirement to request a seat is that you've built a Widget and submitted it to the Widget gallery, though the Konfabulator team will pick the final list of attendees at their own discretion) .

Attendees will get free Widgets shwag and an inside look into:

  • The Konfabulator architecture, API and a preview of some new features on the way
  • Widget tips & tricks, and examples of cool widgets
  • Ways you can promote your Widgets to the world, and possibly make money

For details on how to get a seat, visit the team's blog post about Konfabulator Developer Day. Come meet the Konfabulistas and help invent the future of Konfabulator!

Chad Dickerson

Yahoo! Developer Network