July developer events

BarCamp San Diego, July 10-11, San Diego, CA, advises participants to bring "brains. Lots of brains." Yahoo!'s Erik Eldridge (@erikeldridge) may even send his ahead of time.

Open Web Asia logoOpen Web Asia, July 13-14, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, focuses on the them of "Web Innovation in Asia." It includes speakers from Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tech Crunch, Digg.com, and BANSEA. Yahoo!'s Michael "Smitty" Smith Jr (@dreampipe) will join panels on "Growing Digital in Asia" and "Working on the Asia Platform," and participate in a live podcast recording on day 2.

OSCON, July 19-23, Portland, Oregon, abounds with Yahoo! open-source goodness in the form of Dave Beckett, Leif Hedstrom, Tom Hughes-Croucher (@sh1mmer), and Gil Yehuda (@gyehuda).

Open Hack Bengalaru, July 24-25, Bengalaru, India, is inviting some 300 developers to attend this free event, with hack-related presentations from some of the Web’s most respected developers. We’ll then dive into 24 hours of hacking using a great collection of web tools, services, and APIs from the Yahoo! Developer Network, and other APIs and data from around the web.