JSHint, Spy gadgets, Facebook photos facts, Heart and Sole, 8-bit web, and bad PHP

Welcome to the last Tech Thursday of the shortest month of the year:

5 reasons front-end developers’ lives are shorter.

Here's a hand-coded UI kit using HTML5 and CSS3, so you can integrate elements into any project you’re working on.

Are you unit testing your JavaScript code? Here's an article on why you should.

With the release of Android Honeycomb Preview SDK, a tutorial on how you can create virtual devices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom tablet.

CIA reveals its James Bond-worthy spy gadgets in a new Flickr account. Now you can follow the CIA on Flickr.

In case you missed it: How HTML5 is aiding in cross-platform development.

Why you might be a bad PHP programmer. Do you match the profile?

Why and how to make your website mobile phone compatible.

A worthy user experience read on understanding the password reset experience.

How much do you know about Facebook photos infographics?

Slides and videos from @codepo8's Time to build a better web presentation at Heart and Sole.

JSHint an open source, "gentler" version of JSLint.

Turn the web into an 8-bit adventure with Pixelfari.