Jonathan Gray & J-D Cryans – HBase Goes RealTime

Jonathan Gray and Jean-Daniel Cryans introduce their latest release of HBase.

Jonathan Gray is the co-founder and CTO of, which has been using HBase in production for about nine months. Jean-Daniel (J-D) Cryans is an HBase committer and Universite de Quebec graduate student, currently working as an Hbase consultant for Together they've released HBase 0.20 -- the performance release -- rewritten and re-architected for the Web.

HBase is a storage system that's built on top of HDFS. The guiding philosophy of their release: to unjava-fy everything. Some of the major changes: new key format, new file format (HFile), new query API, new result API and optimized serialization, new scanner abstractions, and new concurrent LRU block cache.

See for yourself.

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