Jim O’Donnell: Royal Observatory & Nat’l Maritime Museum

In our newest Developer Spotlight, we went across the pond to pay a visit to Dr. Jim O?Donnell, a web developer with the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum - where we learned you can often find Dr. O'Donnell being the occasional astronomer.

Dr. O'Donnell talked to us about YQL and its uses at the museum. We even convinced him to attend the recent Open Hack Day in London where he decided at the last minute to hack. So, during breakfast on Sunday - and in about an hour - he had ported the JavaScript from his astronomy photo browser to YQL Execute, creating a new open data table which returns celestial coordinates for astrotagged flickr photos. Essentially, his hack extends the Flickr API to, hopefully, enable location-based searching in the sky. Easy. You see more here by clicking over to his site.

But first, here's our video:

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