Jelly Talks Geo: Skyhook & Fire Eagle live @ betahouse tomorrow

Join me on Friday, April 24, for the 4th
International Jelly Talk, streaming live from betahouse in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ryan Sarver (of Skyhook Wireless) and I (Seth
Fitzsimmons, of Yahoo!’s Fire Eagle) will be discussing geo-technology and the Web. We’ll start at 2pm EDT (11am PDT).

Skyhook is well-known for Loki, a product which adds location information to any website. This approach has been adopted and
adapted into the W3C’s Geolocation API and is beginning to make its way into browsers as an emerging standard. Mozilla Labs’Geode makes this API available to users of Firefox 3.0. Google Gears makes a similar
API available for all platforms it supports.

Fire Eagle takes an alternative, complementary approach that works behind the
scenes and allows network-based services to respond to your location, whether
you’re online or not.

We’ll be discussing the notion of “location” generally, as well as specific technologies, services, and tools that are available, such as Yahoo!’s GeoPlanet (a worldwide gazetteer
of places) and OpenStreetMap, an open mapping project that relies on community contributions and collaborative mapping to extend our knowledge of place.

Watch us at and contribute to the conversation by using the #jellytalks hashtag on
Twitter or follow @jellytalks.

Seth Fitzsimmons
Fire Eagle