JavaScript Made Even Easier

It's been a YUI kind of week here at the big Y featuring warm JavaScript snugglies for the entire developer community. On Tuesday, Yahoo's YUI team released three incredibly useful new controls, celebrated its one year birthday party, and then topped it off with the exciting hosting announcement.

So, not only is the YUI library well-documented, BSD-licensed, fast, and feature-rich, but developers can now harness its full power with close to zero setup time. Yeah, that's right, we're hosting the YUI JavaScript source files, CSS files, and image files in our massive datacenters so that all developers have to do is include a small pile of links in their web pages and they're off. Did I mention that caching and GZIP compression are also used to make sure the YUI files are served as fast as possible? Sweeeeeeeeet.

We know you're noticing because the YUI library has been averaging a thousand downloads a day for some time now and the developer documentation had about 1.5 million page views last month. And yes, it's all free.

Jason Levitt