Introducing the Yahoo! open stack at symfony Live

Last week I had the honor of presenting the Yahoo! Open Stack at symfony Live, the first symfony conference in Paris. Organized by Sensio Labs and AFUP, the conference assembled 180 professional developers from around the world at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

symfonyLive 2009 in action

Photo credit: Nicolas Perriault

I attended two days of great talks about web application development using the symfony project. My talk was about building a platform with open source and open platforms offered by Yahoo!, and how developers can leverage Yahoo! offerings for their applications. All of the other talks are available on the symfony live website, with video soon to be released.

Attendees got to see how Yahoo!'s user interface libraries (YUI), query language (YQL), and application platform (YAP) can help them build web applications and potentially gain millions of new users.

Dustin Whittle
Yahoo! Open Technology Evangelist