Introducing Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) in Indonesia

Apa kabar semua?

I have some exciting news to share from Yahoo! in Southeast Asia. To start off, my name is Turochas Fuad and I am responsible for the Yahoo! Mobile business in Southeast Asia. To give you all a little background on what?s happening here, last week during a press briefing Pontus Sonnerstedt, senior director and country lead for Indonesia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, alluded to more focused attention and activities involving third party developers in the country.

As a part of Yahoo!?s effort and commitment to promote Yahoo!?s open strategy in Indonesia, I?m pleased to announce the official launch of Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) in Indonesia this week.

I understand that there are many Indonesian readers on this blog. Being an Indonesian myself, I am particularly excited about the upcoming YDN initiatives that the company have been putting together, as I do believe there are a lot of undiscovered talent within my fellow Indonesians.

To kick-start YDN in Indonesia, we?re going to launch the first initiative in Jakarta next month ? the Yahoo! Mobile Developer Awards (YMDA). Last year we held our first ever YMDA competition in Singapore, which involved all the best schools in the country and awesome sponsor companies like Kellogg Asia, DBS Bank, Malaysia Airlines, and Check out this video clip of last year?s event!

This year we?re going to make YMDA slightly different but in a much bigger scale, opening this up to all developers and running the competition in various countries in Southeast Asia, starting of course, with Indonesia. Here at Yahoo!, we believe that this is a great opportunity and platform for local Indonesian developers to showcase their talent to the world. I hope you guys are as excited as we are about this upcoming event.

Check out the latest updates of the Yahoo! Mobile Developer Awards in Jakarta on the microsite.

T. Fuad
Head of Yahoo! Mobile, Southeast Asia