Introducing the Create Consumer Key API

Today, we are launching a new feature on the Yahoo! Developer Network called the Create Consumer Key API. A few weeks ago we posted a sneak peek. This blog post touches again on what it is, who should use it, and adds links to API documentation and example integrations.

About the CCK API

Many developers who use Yahoo! Web services and APIs distribute applications that allow their users to access their own Yahoo! user data. This requires you as the developer (the third party) to have your own OAuth Consumer Key and Secret, while ensuring each of your users (the fourth party) also have their own distinct OAuth credentials. The Consumer Key ensures that the right data, for the right user, is going to the right developer.

The Create Consumer Key (CCK) API allows developers to easily provide Yahoo!-issued Consumer Keys, Consumer Secrets, and Application IDs to their users.

The CCK API offers the following benefits to developers:

Streamlines the process of using your application: Your users do not separately request an OAuth Consumer Key from the Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN).
One call: Simply create one form providing the necessary information for a Consumer Key, such as access scopes and redirect URLs.
One-click authorization: Your users do not need to know about access scopes and you have the option to automatically send Yahoo! Information back to your application with no copy-and-pasting necessary for your users.

Use Cases

Developers building applications they plan to distribute (and which require access to private Yahoo! user data) should consider integrating with the CCK API. Examples of distributed applications might include a JavaScript sharing widget that interacts with Yahoo! Contacts or a WordPress plugin that blasts new blog posts into Yahoo! Updates, etc.

Getting Started

The Create Consumer Key API has been documented on the YDN site and includes sample code to get you up and running quickly.

If you need help, or would like to suggest ways of improving this service, please post a message in the YDN OAuth forums or message us @YDN on Twitter.

Example Integrations

JanRain’s RPX is a hosted software solution that makes it easy to add Yahoo! based sign-in on your website using OpenID, adds social publishing from your website to Yahoo! Updates and Status APIs, and provides access to a Yahoo! Users Contacts. With the Create Consumer Key API, JanRain users now have a simple, streamlined flow for configuring their RPX integration with Yahoo!. JanRain posted about their integration here.

We've also created a WordPress plugin that connects your WordPress blog with your Yahoo! account. When you publish a new blog post it will share an update that's visible to your Yahoo! connections.

Daniel Raffel
Senior Product Manager
Yahoo! Open Strategy