At the Internet Identity Workshop 2008

Back in May, a group of Yahoos from the OpenID team attended the 2008 Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), the premier event in the online identity space. Past Internet Identity Workshops have facilitated significant progress in dealing with issues associated with identity and openness, so we were happy to be participating at IIW2008a as a sponsor. Initiatives that have emerged from past IIWs include popularization of OpenID, changes to the OpenID 2.0 protocol to fix a couple of security issues found by Allen Tom, recognition of OAuth as THE standard for delegated auth, and finalization of the
OpenID 2.0 spec

Here's a quick summary of Yahoo!’s involvement at the unconference-like IIW2008a (May 12 to May 15), which took place at the Computer History Museum:

  • Yahoo! Developer Network sponsored a pre-dinner reception on the main day of the workshop and distributed the Y! OpenID t-shirts at IIW. Participants loved the shirts!
  • Shreyas Doshi ran a session titled “What to show on an OAuth permissions page”. The session encouraged good dialogue on how companies could work together to create a consistent user experience for this relatively new usage pattern.
  • Max Engel delivered a lively, conversational session on enabling open activity streams via OpenID and OAuth.
  • Shreyas also designed a session to get community feedback for large OpenID Providers and Relying Parties. This rapidly morphed into an exchange of ideas between large OpenID providers on what it would take for them to also accept OpenID logins

Showing off our shiny new Yahoo OpenID t-shirts

Photo credit: Joseph Smarr

One of the great things about IIW is that it brings together the best minds in the identity space every six months. It is not uncommon to see actual progress being made on open standards and on solving the problems facing the identity community. This IIW was no exception. We got together with folks from other companies to discuss the need for standardization of a Client Login API. We all have somewhat similar versions of such an API, so it just makes sense to try to standardize. We also had a productive discussion about OAuth extensions of great importance to large service providers. Expect more news in these areas in the near future.

It was evident at this IIW that Yahoo! is being mentioned by the developer community (as they give examples to prove a point or describe a use case) much more today than was the case in past IIW sessions. The Yahoo! OpenID product and the recent Yahoo! Open Strategy announcements are definitely Havi Hoffmanng a positive impact in the community!

Stay tuned for updates on some specific outcomes of this forward-looking collaboration.

Havi Hoffman
Yahoo! Developer Network