New International Web Search Services

Since we launched the Yahoo! Search Web Services, we're received a number of requests to use our various regional search engines. We're happy to announce that you can now use the Yahoo! Web Search API to access the regional search engines behind Yahoo! UK Search, Yahoo! France Search, Yahoo! Germany Search and all the other available country-specific engines. Now you can specify the actual search engine used in addition to the country code of the search results.

To aim your search at a particular regional engine, simply pass in a region parameter (e.g. region=ca) to the Web Search API, and it will use the appropriate regional database.

In addition, Yahoo! Japan has made a Web Search API available in Japanese. Note that the Japanese Search Web Services are provided and supported separately from our other international web services; visit the Yahoo! Japan Developer Network for more information.

Finally, we've just launched Yahoo! Switzerland Search, and we'll have Swiss search functionality available through the web service in a couple of weeks. We'll update you then.
Until then, have fun!

Toby Elliott
Yahoo! Search Web Services