Instant table filtering in Yahoo! Query Language (YQL)


Since launching Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), our community tables have now grown to include over 750 tables! A huge thank you to our third-party developers who have contributed to this growth.

With this number of tables comes a great problem to have: choosing and finding the tables you want without scrolling through the increasingly lengthy list. This console release starts addressing this problem with an "instant" search/filter box, where you can narrow down your table choices by keyword.

Just start typing into the box, and the console will filter down and search the available tables to find a match. The image to the right shows what the results look like.

Try it now in the new console.

The filter scores your keyword on three match criteria: the table name, its description, and the author. Higher ranking is given to the table name itself.

The results show the first 20 matches. If you want to see more, just click the "Show all results" link at the bottom.

A quick tip: If you find a match you like, press Enter to run the first hit.

We'll continue to investigate other ways to help people discover and explore the tables we have available. But the instant table filter, we've found, is a great starting point.

This post was contributed by Paul Donnelly (@pjPaul Donnelly) and Jonathan Trevor (@jonathantrevor)