Instagram in your browser, CSS Stress Test, FireFox and Chrome extensions, and a dictionary

Celebrate CSS AND Cinco de Mayo with Tech Thursday:

- The Simpsons in CSS.

- Awesome instagram-like retro and vintage style for your images with Vintage JS.

- Create pulsing background colors in CSS3 using keyframe animations.

- CSS Stress Testing and Performance Profiling.

- Create triangles in CSS.

And in other news:

- How one engineer turned down an offer from Microsoft to go full-time on GitHub.

- A Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures.

- Slides from a JSConf 2011 talk given by @sh1mmer on Multi-tiered Node.js architectures.

- Creating a web development environment using Google Chrome extensions.

- Twenty essential Firefox 4 addons/extensions for web developers.

- Want to build your own social network? Here are 10 Open-Source Platforms that might help.

- Lovely UI, a collection of mobile interface design ideas.