Infrastructure for a Location-Aware Internet: Placemaker and GeoPlanet Data

The Yahoo! Geo Technologies team builds platforms that help publishers and developers create and produce hyper-local data feeds and location-aware applications. Today at O'Reilly's Where 2.0 conference, we launched Yahoo! Placemaker, an open and accessible geo-enrichment service. Developers POST unstructured and atomic content to Placemaker ? status updates, news, blog posts, photo captions, ad titles and creatives ? and Placemaker identifies, disambiguates, and extracts places mentioned in the text. Use Placemaker to help geolocate the significant proportion of the Internet that is relevant to location but otherwise undiscoverable in a geographic context.

Like Fire Eagle and GeoPlanet, Placemaker is part of Yahoo!'s Open Location initiative. As a facet of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS), we provide open and accessible services that allow developers to extend their reach deep into the emerging geoweb. To this end, the Geo Technologies team has also announced today that we are releasing ? as a freely-available download ? the WOEIDS and data underlying GeoPlanet, Placemaker, and our other geo-enrichment platforms. This significant resource is most valuable when used widely, so we want to see developers downloading the tab-delineated data files, incorporating them their own applications, and giving Yahoo! a polite shout-out. It's all part of our desire to see location become ubiquitous across the Internet.

Check out the Geo Technologies Blog for more information on the Yahoo! Placemaker and Yahoo! GeoPlanet data launches. announcements.

Tyler Bell
Yahoo! Geo Technologies Team