High Performance Websites: Nicole Sullivan

Website performance is a growing challenge for web developers and designers. The net effect of features like rounded corners and rich Ajax integration is slower performance. At Web Directions North, performance guru and former Yahoo! engineer, Nicole Sullivan, shared some of the tools and techniques she developed and used to maximize performance for Yahoo! sites and applications.

Whether you are a designer, developer, product or project manager, this session will help you improve the performance of your sites and applications:

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ABOUT: A highly experienced web engineer, Nicole has until recently been responsible for international evangelism in the performance research team, whose role is to quantify and improve the performance of all Yahoo! products worldwide. This was a multifunctional leadership role which was equal parts engineering, research, project management, and evangelism. requiring solid communication with people who have different levels of performance expertise.

As part of these efforts Nicole shares the lessons Yahoo! has learned in improving the performance of their many sites and applications.