Hey developers: You’ve got Mail (and full API access!)

Lego Mailbox © southpaw360@flickrHere at Yahoo! Mail, we're cranking so hard on new features and capabilities that sometimes we forget to take a moment to write about them. This was the case a few weeks ago, when we greatly expanded the Yahoo! Mail API — adding new access scopes, new auth methods, and cool helper libraries — but didn't get around to the blog post.

We're super excited to announce that the Yahoo! Mail API now allows Read and Read+Write access to full message contents for any type of user. We've added these expanded scopes — we've been allowing message-header access for years — so that the hundreds of millions of users who entrust their data to us can have the freedom to use it in whichever context is most useful to them.

The API has also been ported to OAuth, providing a much cleaner token model, better authentication UI, and more fine-grained management for developers. We'll continue to support Browser-Based Auth for legacy developers, but its use is deprecated. We recommend that anyone starting a new project choose OAuth.

The API Documentation has been updated to reflect the new authentication and scopes. It has everything you need to get up and running, including sample code and Python and PHP helper libraries. If you get stuck, there's a discussion forum for you to ask all your questions.

One more thing: We set up a Twitter account (@ymailapi) where we'll announce updates and hope to get a conversation going about the API. We're all looking forward to seeing the awesome new features you develop on top of Mail, so drop us a line!

Happy Coding,
-- Mark & Mike

Mark Risher, Michael Curtis
Yahoo! Mail Product and Engineering