Hexadecimal clock, iconic Star Wars, http stat, man vs. machine, & Androidification

What next! IBM's Watson on Jeopardy and Valentine's Day all in the same week.:

Watson on Jeopardy. By now you probably know the outcome. Read an NOVA interview with three artificial intelligence experts about Watson.

The Colour Clock represents time as a hexadecimal color value.

The Procrastination flowchart. What would you do without it?

Tips and tricks for becoming a presentation ninja.

Androidify yourself. An app available for Android that turns you into the little green Android.

Star Wars: Episode IV retold in icons.

A collection of app screenshots of various mobile UI patterns.

httpstat.us, a simple service for generating different HTTP code.

An infographic showing how open is the internet is, by country.

8 features Twitter.com should have, do you agree?