Hello from Open Hack Day Bangalore

We got roughly 16 and a half hours left of hacking at Open Hack Day Bangalore and so far the feedback to the presentations and the questions of the hackers regarding APIs was very good and intriguing at the same time.

About 100 hackers are scattered around the massive and eloquently carpeted room in the Taj Residency Hotel in Bangalore, either sitting or sprawled on yellow and purple bean bags hacking away to meet the deadline and get one of the prices we managed to acquire or get through customs and different countries undamaged.

So far the feedback gives me an impression that the hacks are going to be much more backend-oriented than the ones we saw in England (people asked how to simulate browsers in windows apps for browser based authentication and the likes).

My presentation covering all the bits and bobs we offer as Yahoo! to developers and poking some fun at my pains to get here is available on slideshare and Creative Commons should you feel the need to re-use some of it:

As this is a hack day we kept the presentations short. Other things to hear were Adobe showing off their Flex and Air developer Kits and us explaining more details on Yahoo! Pipes and Maps for India.

That's it for now, I will keep up the information as this goes along and jetlag does not catch up with me. In between, go and check the photos on flickr.

Your man in the thick of it, Chris Heilmann