Hat-Tip to TipTheWeb, TweetDonate, and all the PayPal X Winners

PayPal X Innovate 2010, PayPal's developer conference, took place last week in San Francisco, and winners of the Developer Challenge were announced on Wednesday afternoon, just as the World Series was getting started at nearby AT&T Park.

The winners of the Grand Prize, iConcessionStand.com, had a real crowd-pleaser with their mobile app that lets you shop and pay for products at live events &emdash; hotdogs and beer at a baseball game or sporting event, or merch at a concert. With this clever iPhone app, you may never need to miss an inning or a play while waiting in line. Congratulations to co-founders Humberto Roa and Kenji Kato, and special props for building an app with real-time contextual relevance. The iConcessionStand duo walked off with a trophy just as Game 1 of a beautiful series was unfolding a few blocks away.

Now that the World Series and even the elections are over, we wanted to give a closing shout-out to all the PayPal X Innovate winners, and a big congratulations to Eric Ferraiuolo and David Fogel, co-founders of TipTheWeb.org, winners of the Yahoo! X Award from YDN. TipTheWeb is a non-profit service that lets you directly support your favorite web content by tipping it.

We also wanted to give a special mention to one of the winning-est hackers we know, Addy Cameron-Huff, one of the XHack winners at Innovate. YDN first met Addy at a University of Waterloo Hack day back in 2008. In 2009, he came to Open Hack NYC and won top prize for InsiderTrades.org, a service that provides a near real-time parser of the SEC's EDGAR database and sends alerts within seconds as insider trade data becomes public. Addy turned up at TechCrunch Disrupt in NYC this past spring -- we shouldn't have been surprised that he took home a prize for Twitter Demographics.

As a Grand Challenge finalist at PayPal Innovate, Addy was demo'ing TweetDonate, an app that lets you use Twitter and PayPal to make charitable donations easy and ubiquitous. He also managed to find the time to develop a "Tweet Engine for PayPal Docs" that lets you tweet for help with PayPal documentation and get a prompt @mention response in seconds. This earned him a $1000 XHack prize. An MVP of hackathons!

Eric and David from TipTheWeb will be back in the Bay Area next week for YUIConf, in fact, Eric will present a session on Tuesday, November 9 titled "TipTheWeb.org - Heavy Duty YUI 3 & YQL." Look for it after the conference in the YUI Theater. In the meantime, here's a video conversation about TipTheWeb, shot last week in Moscone Center, with technology evangelist Jon LeBlanc and the founders of TipTheWeb (with heartfelt apologies for the background noise as we were in the midst of the exhibitor showcase).