Hadoop There it Was–Hadoop Summit June 2010

Keynote speech at Hadoop Summit 2010. Photo by Brian DrummondImage credit: Brian Drummond

Tuesday was truly a great time at Hadoop Summit. Yahoo!’s Hadoop masters and great people from companies of all kinds, big and small (from Facebook and Twitter, to Amazon, LinkedIn, NetFlix, IBM, Cloudera, Karmasphere, and Datameer) delivered great talks. As usual, the keynotes and technical tracks were packed. In fact, this was by far the largest Hadoop Summit yet, something not lost on the press who closely covered the news.

During the day, we chatted with a bunch of Yahoo! execs, including Chief Product Officer Blake Irving, who opened the event. We put together a video recap. Check it out:

Yahoo! Executives at Hadoop Summit 2010 @ Yahoo! Video

Of course, tons of developers working with Hadoop everyday were at the show — technically, more than a thousand of you were there, with rumors of scalped tickets in the parking lot being whispered through the halls. A colleague of mine asked me during the afternoon coffee break if I could “feel the vibrations.” I asked, “what vibrations?” He answered, “The vibration of the Big Data industry moving forward.” ?

It was fantastic. You can see photos on the official Flickr stream, read about the Hadoop with Security and Oozie announcements, and take a walk through an incredibly vibrant conversation (more than 2000 tweets during the event day) by searching the #hadoopsummit Twitter feed.

Several people told me they wish they could have been in three places at the same time so as not to miss any of the various technical sessions. The speakers did an amazing job sharing the huge amount of innovation and great ideas that have been built on Hadoop and its related technologies. The slides are available here (or by clicking on the icons on the agenda) and the video recordings are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Clearly, when a thousand developers fly in from all over the world to spend one day diving head first into a technology, it’s pretty clear the technology is about to go mainstream — which for Hadoop means the enterprise. The elephant is almost grown up, and the new security and workflow management news from this week represent another example of Hadoop’s growing maturity.

As to the large group of people who spent days and nights working so hard to make this event happen, I can’t possibly thank them enough for all their effort and passion. Looking back, though, it was certainly worth every second!

Keep an eye out for information on Hadoop updates and releases at the official Apache project page, the Yahoo! Hadoop page, and the Yahoo! Hadoop Blog.

Please tell us what you thought of this year’s event too. We’re looking forward to an even better Hadoop Summit next year, and we want as much of your input and suggestions as we can get.