Hadoop Community meeting in the Yahoo Korea office

On Wednesday, the 27th of August around 40 developers met in the office of Yahoo! in Seoul, Korea to talk about all things Hadoop.

Attendee badges

Jaesun Han showing off the collective intelligence book

For 3 hours the attendees listened to different speakers covering uses of Hadoop, an Apache project developing open-source software for scalable distributed computing.

The different topic and speakers were:

1) Machine Learning Algorithm using Hadoop Map/Reduce ( Jaesun Han , NexR)
2) HBase v0.2 Test Result (Hyungjoon Kim, NHN)
3) Map/Reduce Discussion (Heewon Jeon, Yahoo! Korea)

There are a lot of photos available on Flickr and we're happy to see that everybody had a great time and came back home schwag-ladden with T-Shirts, notebook bags and even digital photo frames!

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network