HackU pwned Open Hack NYC

As many students already know, we hosted HackU at 9 universities last year. What many don't know, is that we flew all the winners to New York, and put them up in a swanky hotel to compete in the New York Open Hack Day.

Open Hack NYC Winners

And the results completely blew us away.

Over 1/2 of the winners were HackU students. Over half!

Among the 44 hacks submitted, there were 11 winners, and 6 were student hack teams!! The judges didn't know which submissions were from whom, and these student hacks stood out on their own merit.

I'd like to congratulate the 6 student groups that won :

So, to all you student hackers out there, don't be shy and just hack away. And be sure to join us at a university near you.

      Paul Tarjan

(-:|> Hack Wizard