HackU at IIT Kharagpur: How sweet can it get!

Hack U

We just wrapped up another great Hack U at IIT Kharagpur. Yahoos were out there from March 22nd to 25th. HackU kicked off on Thursday evening with an inauguration from Prof. Jayantha Mukhopadhya, IIT Kharagpur - Head, CSE Department. It was then followed by an introduction to hacking and tech talks on YQL, a front-end web primer, YUI, BOSS, geo technologies and PHP over two days.

Hacking officially began at 9 am on Saturday. Around 100 hackers stayed up all night producing some amazing hacks! Overall 40 ideas were submitted. On Sunday afternoon, Prof. Pabitra Mitra and Prof. Animesh Mukherjee joined us for judging. There were a number of impressive hacks which got our attention.


The winners

  • YouPlayer by Kaushik, Anjani, Saurabh and Sumit: Play the music you like with YouPlayer. It automatically creates playlists for you based on your likes and interests. Recommended music and videos are played via the Yahoo! web player.


  • RailConnect by Rahul, Subhro, Sanket and Amit: Find connecting trains between any two stations in India. You can set the min and max amount of buffer time and more.
  • QuickTweet-n-Mail by Vishwas, Tabassum, Debajit and Amit: Tweeting and mailing a piece of text or a picture is just a right click away with this extension! Grab it here.
  • HackingFood by Mogili, Mahesh, Maila and Bipin: Find recipes based on the food ingredients you have!

Honorable mentions

  • CompareHatke by Prashant, Shirkanth and Gaurav: A comparison shopping search enabling customers to find and discover products from various India online retailers.
    Compare Hatkecomparehatke-search
  • Ticket Reminder by Sri Krishna, Anuj, Bibhas and Kishen: Get reminder for booking tickets in Indian trains before seats are filled.
  • FB Metro by Salil and Aakash: Your top facebook photos, videos and link feed in a shiny interface.
  • Movie Buff by Anusha, Sonam and Sunandita: Get notified about latest bollywood music and movie releases.
  • My Path by Shambhu and Shashwat: Find directions to your destination avoiding the joints you want to avoid.
  • College Network by Devender, Vipul, Saurabh and Nadeem: Connects college students who are travelling for internships, entrance exams, fest, etc. It helps them save money by pooling accommodation, travel and more.

See the full list of hacks submitted.

Congrats to the winners and everyone else who attended the event. Special thanks to the professors and students for being fantastic hosts. A big shout out to Pradeep, Sumana, Durga, Tom and Rohit for delivering tech talks and helping students with the hacks. Also, huge props to Chelliah, Roopal and Cheryl for managing all the logistics. Not to forget Bimala Sweets for the sweet rôshogollas they served!

Check out more photos from the event on Flickr.