HackLite ? showcase your hacks in Bangalore!

HackLite is a lightweight hacking event that Yahoo! is hosting at the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) in Bangalore in April. This event provides an opportunity for you to showcase any application you create using Yahoo!'s Open APIs (e.g., Blueprint, BOSS, YQL, Maps, Flickr) and offers a chance to win cool prizes. You can register any hack that you?ve already built or are able to build before judgment day (April 25, 2009) at the GIDS event.

With HackLite, the hacking concept is the same as our Open Hack Days ? that is, building great applications and widgets using Yahoo! Open APIs. But unlike Open Hack Days (where all the hacking happens during the event), HackLite allows developers to do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, and demonstrate their hacks at the event. So, if you have written a superb piece of code and haven't yet had the chance to show it off, this is your opportunity!

Aside from hacking, technical talks on Yahoo's Open Platforms will be conducted on all four days at the Yahoo! Developer Network lounge at GIDS, with a special focus on BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) and Blueprint (Yahoo!?s mobile application development platform).

Convinced that you have the requisite coding chops?

Click here now to register your hack.

For the registration, you will need to provide basic information about your hack and a URL to a working application (except for mobile applications, which don't require an URL).

Keeping with the Hacking spirit we have tried to make sure rules don?t come in the way of unbridled creativity and expression.

Click here to view the hacking rules, terms and conditions.

Hack registration will close on April 24, 2009 but there?s no need to wait till then, register right away! For further updates and to connect with us or other participants of HackLite join the Yahoo! group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hacklite. You can also follow @ydn on Twitter and we'll keep you posted on all the updates.

Arun Ramanujapuram and Nelson Moses
Yahoo! Developer Network, India