Hacking the night away at the University of Michigan

Quick update from the Hack U at University of Michigan. We're hacking into the late night hours of our 24 hour hack marathon. The clock is ticking. Judging is at 4pm-- just over 14 hours left. The hackers are working furiously.


Wait! That's not the pic I want. Here's a hacker working furiously:


The hackers of UMich have broken up into several teams of 1-5 people. Each group is working quietly in the expansive atrium of the CSE building.


Some of the more popular technologies they're using are Fireagle's XMPP support, Yahoo! Maps, the iPhone app platform, woeid "points of interest" from Yahoo!'s Geo services, YQL, Boss, Flickr's APIs, OAuth, Twitter's API, jQuery, YUI, Apps for America, Perl, Open Mail, and the New York Times API. A couple requests: crowd-sourced "open woeid points of interest" and randomization of a set in YQL. Intermittently, folks are breaking off to play a little Rock Band, and they're good too!


Over the past four days, Rasmus Lerdorf, Paul Tarjan, Tom Hughes-Croucher, and I have enjoyed the chance to meet and share with students by lecturing in several Computer Science and Engineering classes at UMich. To sustain ourselves, we've been devouring the amazing eats at Zingerman's Deli!


The tunes have been pretty rocking tonight, but one of the surprise hits of the evening has been Sir Simon Rattle conducting Mahler's 2nd symphony:


Ok, back to business. Doh! Pizza just arrived.


Gotta go ...

Check back tomorrow for a posting of the results.

Erik Eldridge, YDN Engineer/Evangelist