Hacking with our Friends in Europe

We just returned from two solid events on the BOSS Hack Day world tour. Two weeks ago we were in London and drew a range of developers, including a few who were completely new to the platform and a handful of experienced BOSS hackers (such as the developer from BuildaSearch).

The Paris event stood out for a couple of reasons. First, we were really pleased with the turnout. The event took place at a well-known Parisian co-working center called La Cantine that seemed to be a hub of the developer community in Paris – and it was packed. Even more impressive was how engaged everyone was. We started with a one-hour overview and technical discussion, broke for sushi and beer, and then split into two workshops – one on the BOSS Mashup Framework and one on building niche search engines using the BOSS API.

Almost all developers stayed until 10:30 p.m. or later to learn more about BOSS and shared some excellent feedback on where we should take the product. Although neither of us speaks a lick of French, we had some great conversations. We met with the folks from Veosearch, a BOSS-powered search engine that gives a percentage of its profits to charity, as well as the guys from Iminent, an IM add-on and contextual search company.

We also had the opportunity to host tech talks at the Yahoo! offices in London and Paris and meet with local bloggers and press.

We’d like to thank all the developers who joined us. Hearing directly from you about new features you’d like to see will be help us prioritize our efforts in 2009. Also, big thanks to Yahoo! teams in London and Paris for all their help in setting up and running the events.

If you weren’t able to join us, we’ll continue to host developer events in the coming months. – in the meantime, you can also check out more photos and the slides from our presentation.

Graham Mudd & Vik Singh