Hack-tastic Hack-a-thon in London, England

Yesterday Osmosoft organized a little Hack-a-thon in London, England.

Hackers, well, hacking

One unexpected attendee was Brian Suda who came over to London from Iceland for the microformat meetings before dconstruct this weekend. Naturally he was immediately swamped with questions about Microformats and showed some very interesting Papernet/Microformats stuff he is working on.

It is really important that people feel that they can organise little hack meetings. Not everything needs to be as big as Hackday. All you really need is a room with power and internet connectivity and maybe a few refreshments. Invite your hacker friends, and lay it out there on Upcoming.

If you need any advice, suggestions, or help you can always contact us.

Tom Hughes-Croucher
Yahoo! Developer Network