Hack Europe London Draws Hackers From All Corners of the Globe


Image credit to Toby Phillips

This weekend’s Yahoo! Hack Europe: London was a smashing success. 230 hackers from a record 18 countries submitted 44 hacks. From the amazing food to the perfect venue, this hackathon was a win for Yahoo! and for attending hackers. Of course, none won bigger than the talented hackers who took home the prizes. See all the hacks here.

We’re grateful to our sponsors and partners, some of which also provided prizes.

PayPal Winner: Image Piper Toolkit

This hack was a very cool graph-based image editor. Photographers can quickly and easily batch-process photos, adding effects with a drag-and-drop interface. The app can also monetize your photos via PayPal. It uses the PayPal and Flickr APIs.

Expedia Winner: HakaHotel

HakaHotel is a useful hack that lets travelers find a hotel by its amenities, with an interface that pulls in relevant Flickr photos taken near the location to see what it might be like in the area around each hotel. HakaHotel is powered by Flickr and Expedia.

Twilio Winner: EdgeCall

Another app designed to make the lives of travelers easier, this app allows you to get a local number wherever you are by forwarding a local number from the country of your choice (so-called Edge Numbers), to your non-local handset. This application leverages the power of the Twilio API.

FirefoxOS Winners: RoadBuddy and ShipIt

These two winners each took home a FirefoxOS phone from Telefonica.

Yahoo! 3rd Place Winner: Copycat Photographers

This app allows budding photographers to hone their craft in a collaborative way. You can look at photos from professionals, see what tools they used and attempt to emulate their style. Send your try, along with the original, to friends for some constructive criticism. This hack uses the Flickr API.

Yahoo! 2nd Place Winner: Contexitificator

Have you ever read a news story that required some web research to understand the background? Contextificator gives you context around the stories you read. It’s a browser add-on, but what really made it stand out was the UI. The modules are very easy to use, making it a very helpful tool for readers.

Yahoo! Grand Prize Winner: RoadBuddy

Road Buddy is a mobile app that makes your travels safer. Use Road Buddy to pull up your route, and you’ll also see crime hot spots in the area, which Road Buddy can reroute you to avoid. This is, of course, useful in large cities, but imagine how important this can be when you are traveling, or if you live in an area where crime is rampant. This app used several APIs, including YUI and FirefoxOS.

Hacker's Choice Award Winner: ShipIt

This cool app allows you to share photos across multiple devices using a proximity sensor that lets you literally swipe an image from one device another. The sharing is seamless and almost magical. Check out the demo.

A huge thank you to all the hackers who joined us for the weekend! One of the participants of Hack Europe: London reminded us how hacking pays off even when one does not win a prize. Mirona Iliescu was an alumna hacker of the 2007 Yahoo! Open Hack London, who had started her current company, Meta Broadcast based on the hack she made then. Watch the YDN blog for a full profile on Mirona coming soon!