Hack Day at UC Berkeley, in Pictures

Hackers all aroundThe Hack Day at UC Berkeley took place on September 17th and 18th, in the Wozniak Lounge of Soda Hall. The computational and intellectual power that was gathered in that one room for a day would normally call for Secret Service detail, but we like to play it dangerous.

Hackers all around: Hacking teams sat around tables and engaged in lively, fast-paced discussions about their projects. These collaborations were wonderful to observe.

Skateboard hackerSkateboard hacker: This is one of the two photos of Casey Rodarmor, a recent Berkeley graduate who now works as an engineer at Google (but we wouldn’t hold that against him :). In this photo, he’s still fully conscious and working on his fun hack: getting a large number of computer to sync up and play the THX audio logo, “The Deep Note.” Though Casey wasn’t officially participating in the competition, his presentation was enjoyable to all.

A pair of hackersA pair of hackers: This hacking team extraordinaire shares everything: their hack, their taste in clothing (courtesy of Yahoo!), and their music.

Something is intersecting?Something is intersecting? Collaboration among hackers is most vividly represented by rapid explanations and frantic gesticulation.

iPad hackingiPad hacking: It’s always great to see hackers using the latest devices for implementing their ideas. The iPad has certainly become a major hit in this community, and this Hack Day was no exception.

Awesome decalAwesome decal: We’ve seen this fantastic decal on Etsy.com before, so it was great to encounter it on a hacker’s computer in real life. That just shows that hackers aren’t just super-smart, they also have a great taste.

Refueling stationRefueling station: As the night progresses, the young minds start craving sugar, calories, and caffeine. Yahoo! Is always happy to oblige.

Hacking Timelapse 5/5Hacking Timelapse: This image shows a timelapse photo of the hacking den over a period of 30 seconds. As you can see, hackers are a pretty active bunch, even this late at night.

Google engineer Casey asleep at Y! Hack Day :), 1/3Google engineer Casey asleep at Y! Hack Day: This is the second image of Casey Rodarmor, taken in the morning of September 18th. He has clearly finished his hack early and had no hesitation about taking a delightful nap on the very comfortable armchairs.

Hackers, posingHackers, posing: This hacker group created an iPad application that aggregates media from different sources and presents it in an attractive, tactile manner. When your hack is that awesome, there’s no reason not to pose with it.

Group hackingGroup hacking: As the day rapidly advanced towards the Hack presentations, the last-minute hackathon was getting more and more intense, with groups of hackers huddling around the computers for rapid debugging and problem-solving.

Yahoo! extraordinaire Jon LeBlanc -- up all night!Yahoo! Extraordinaire Jon LeBlanc — up all night!: Jon LeBlanc of Yahoo! not only stayed up all night helping and encouraging the hackers, but he also wrote nearly a whole chapter of his upcoming book. Talk about the ultimate multitasker and a man with incredible stamina.

Look up!Look up!: It’s always great to cheer hackers up by balancing on a table near them with a wide-angle lens and screaming “Look up! Look up, or I’ll fall!”

An exhausted hackerAn exhausted hacker: Sometimes there isn’t enough couch space, and a very tired hacker needs some space to take a nap where he wouldn’t be stepped on. The solution is also a bit of a hack: sleep under a table!