Greetings from Mashup Camp

Mashup Camp 7 went off without a hitch last week, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. YDN was there, with fabulous prizes for the Best Yahoo! Mash-Up. Fortunately, we brought three Flip video cameras, because there were three very worthy entries:

Are you a visual searcher or learner? Check out Mark Kahn's JelloPhoto uses Flickr, Pipes, YouTube, and the Zembly mash-up environment to create a unique display of still and moving images around the search term or user name of your choice.

Remember when you could actually see music videos on MTV? John Bardin and Drew Garcia's Veejay.TV brings back the good old pre-Real-World MTV experience and puts you at the controls. Built in a single night--yes, we checked, it's true--the service combines Yahoo! Music Search, OpenID, and some pretty slick front-end work to allow users to create and share music video sets, just like Adam Curry or Martha Quinn in the old days.

Ready for a complete musical experience on your mobile device? Al Nevarez's iMusicMatch is a website (not a downloadable application!) that runs on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android G1, with a little help from YouTube,, LyricsWiki, Eventful, Twitter, Wikipedia, Seeqpod, IUI, and Yahoo! BOSS. Start with Al's default playlist--caution: ABBA ahead!--or load up your own iTunes music library and enjoy.

Full results are on the Mashup Camp Wiki. Mashup Camp is highly recommended for people interested in learning more about the people, tools, and history behind Web 2.0; we hope to see you there next year!

Kent Brewster