Gotta Share, Mac vs. PC, IKEA manual, awesome HTML5, & APIs

Plenty of fresh links to click on even though it isn't quite Thursday yet (we're traveling today):

- Mac vs. PC people infographics.

- Parallax scrolling in web design: Hot new trend with examples.

- Tips and techniques to building mobile web apps the right way.

- How web page loading time affects the user experience of visitors to your site.

- Jurassic Park as an IKEA manual.

- Integrating UX design and user research into agile software development.

- Twitter facts & stats infographic.

- Gotta Share: When a flash mob meets a social media conference with a musical thrown in.

- Planning an iPhone App: Where to Start.

- More awesome HTML5 and JavaScript effects.

- WhatFont Tool is the easiest way to inspect fonts on web pages.

- LayerStyles, is a Photoshop-inspired tool for generating CSS.

- Google APIs Discovery Service, one API to find them all. Truly, there's a ton of cool stuff coming out of Google I/O this week, and it's very easy to find online.