Good news about YUI: GitHub, documentation builder and ARIA-enabled widgets

If you thought that the YUI team had gone into hibernation to prepare for the spring and the final release of YUI3 - think again. There are three great pieces of news revolving around our beloved development framework:

YUI is now available on GitHub: This has been a constant thorn in the side of the developer community - that whilst YUI is free (BSD license) people weren't able to commit or check out the code directly from a version control system. Git seemed to be a good solution, and there are instructions on how to use it available from the YUI team.

The team now also made YUI Doc - the tool that creates the YUI API Docs available for everybody. It is a python script and allows you to keep maintenance easy whilst providing implementers with valuable information.

Last but not least Todd Kloots, developer of the YUI menu, released a video of his tutorial on Developing Accessible widgets with ARIA.

Rock on YUI!

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network