Global Ignite Week: Ignite talk videos from some Yahoos

Ignite events have been around for a number of years as a presentation format within the tech community. Inspired by their close cousins lightning talks and Pecha Kucha, which evolved in Japan, the slogan of Ignite is "enlighten us, but make it quick.". Earlier this month, O'Reilly Media launched Global Ignite Week, with events in more than 60 cities on 6 continents, and with help from sponsors, volunteers, and hundreds of participants. Ignite speakers present 20 slides and talk for 5 minutes on a broad range of topics of interest to the local geek community. Videos of recent presentations are now being posted on the Ignite Show site.

In San Francisco, on March 2, Yahoo Developer Network Pattern Detective Christian Crumlish (@mediajunkie) presented a talk titled Designing for Play, which explores the playful social design continuum online and off: design - play - control - chaos - framework - flow - music - tuning - ensemble - games - goals - competition - cooperation - play acting - make believe - masks - reimagining... See for yourself:

Designing for Play

At the Luminaire in London, on the same evening, YDN evangelist Chris Heilmann took his audience on an entertaining stroll --Treading the cowpaths of the information superhighway. Engineer Andy "Bob the Builder" Brockhurst, from Yahoo!'s London office, talked about How the Hacker/Maker Revolution Will Change the World.

I'm a Coder and You Can Too

With Ada Lovelace Day coming up on March 24, I wanted to set the stage with this shout-out to Misty Fowler, a programmer who talked at the recent Ignite Salt Lake City. I just discovered her Ignite talk serendipitously on O'Reilly's website. It's called "I'm a Coder and You Can Too (Or Why Programming Is Just Plain English). It's sure to make you smile:

If you're in San Francisco for Web 2.0 Expo, mark your calendars for the Expo edition of Ignite Bay Area on May 3, or get to work on a talk of your own. April 11 is the submission deadline.

Keep an eye out for the next Ignite near you. Can't find one? Here's a thorough overview of how to organize Ignite wherever you live.

Havi Hoffman
YDN Blog Editor