Georgia Tech HackU is over… and the winners are

Once again we have come to the end of another successful HackU event. This event brought out a great set of developers and produced a number of great hacks.

Georgia Tech HackU

Overall Winners:

  1. Pick and Roll

    Pick and Roll that helps visualize NBA teams as they travel, keeping track of all of their results, news sorted by date and the videos from!

    Team: Michael Xu and Alex Guan

    Why we chose it: This encompassed many things that a great hack does: scraping, aggregation, and direct use of APIs. Using the map metaphor was nice for visualizing, and care was taken with overlapping icons. It was just an interesting perspective on this set of data.

  2. Series of Tubes

    Series of Tubes is a timing-based puzzle-platformer game that uses RSS feeds from Twitter accounts to dynamically generate game levels.

    Team: David Poore, David Hollis, Carlos Isales, and Elijah O'Rear

    Why we chose it: It is obnoxiously viral and a novel take on a "twitter reader".

  3. Emoticon

    Emoticon is a game that is now scaled up with a embeddable widget for websites/blog, where you can now search within the video with keywords and tags. The result will provide the user with the instances within the video matching the query.

    Team: Ashish, Manvesh, Chris

    Why we chose it: Interesting for accessibility (learning disabilities). Nice rounded hack including a game, data collection, search, and embeds.

Best in Category

  1. Hack for Good: YQL.el

    An emacs lisp interface to YQL which allows an emacs user to make YQL queries and filter the results from within emacs itself. Also comes with shortcuts for pre-designed YQL queries, such as yahoo searching, stock market updates, and getting a user's twitter feed.

    Team: Joshua Justice and Will Farrington

    Why we chose it: Allowing you to use YQL from your emacs interface. Very nice for blind programmers wanting to integrate with YQL.

  2. User Experience / Design: caLLendar

    Set appointments in Yahoo Zimbra Calendar using our UI application. These are then scanned and scheduled by our server application. Then reminder phone calls are made to the user with personalized content from Yahoo Weather and Traffic using our voip application.

    Team: Gautam Arora, Kedar Toraskar, Kaustubh Sheth

    Why we chose it: Excellent workflow from adding the calender event to getting the call live on your phone.

  3. Y! Open: geoVacation

    Find a place, drop a marker, and get photos! The wasn't my original idea, but I found it fast and fun to explore new places this way.

    Team: Caleb Piercy

    Why we chose it: Interesting use of the flickr API through YQL as well as Yahoo maps.

See the full list of hacks. Most of the hacks are available as open source projects on GitHub. See more pictures from the Georgia Tech HackU on Flickr.

In two weeks we will be at University of Michigan, so check back soon for another session of HackU.

Photos by Andrew Guyton and Christian Heilmann