Geeks in Oxford

Oxford was once the intellectual capital of the world and while they might have to share that title now, the place is still buzzing with smart people. Oxford geek night was not what I expected at all. To start with the opening talk wasn't a talk, it was an act!

Ben Walker's geeky music certainly tickled me. It's great to see a musician writing songs about Twitter because that's what he's into. Apparently Nerdcore isn't the only musical genre with musicians that can write code.

There were a couple more talks about music, including Rhodri Marsden's highly amusing rant about selling music you made yourself. There were also some great lightening talks. I particularly liked Rachel Andrew's great summary of your options for taking online payments, and James Turnbull's summary of Django and what we can expect for Django 1.0.

Tom Hughes-Croucher
Yahoo! Developer Network