Fronteers conference videos available now on the YDN Theater

The Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in September 2008 had several world-class speakers "deep dive" on expert subjects. The conference organizers try very hard to make web development a recognized profession and asked experts to come and give hands-on, expert advice.
The videos were filmed by Bachelor ICT and are now all available on the Yahoo Theater.

The videos in detail are:

Stuart Langridge on Secrets of JavaScript Closures

In this talk Stuart Langridge took on one of JavaScript's most powerful feature, closures and tried to make them understandable for non-JavaScript enthusiasts.

Pete LePage on Internet Explorer 8 for developers

Pete LePage is product manager of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and explains in this talk the features of IE8 developers can look forward to. This is part two of two.

Christian Heilmann on Maintainable JavaScript

In this talk Christian Heilmann explains what you need to take into consideration when building JavaScript for larger and distributed teams. This is part two of two:

Raph de Rooij on Web Standards - why bother?

Following web standards can sometimes appear to be an annoying overhead when you're developing. Raph de Rooij, who created the Dutch government web guidelines explains in this talk why we need standard compliance and what the benefits are. This is part one of two.

Christian Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network